Goa Triathlon - 22 Feb 2015

Clean and clear waters at Goa's safest swimming beach, biking and running in Goa's elite Dona Paula area, a relaxed atmosphere... Welcome to the Goa Triathlon – organised by Goa Outbound Adventures – a team and individual event at Grand Hyatt Goa, Bambolim Beach, close to Panaji.

You don't have to be Superman (or Superwoman) to compete. Just opt for the Team Triathlon. Get together a team of a swimmer, a biker and a runner. Each does his or her own thi
ng. If they do it well enough, they walk away with the grand prize. It's a wonderful opportunity for all endurance enthusiasts!

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But if you are made of steel, go for the Individual Triathlon and do all three on
your own. This category will bring forward India's best Triathlete. This is a proper Olympic-length triathlon, the swimming is in the sea, not in some placid lake, and the biking and running routes includes some stiff gradients.

Swimmers start from the beach at Grand Hyatt Goa, swim out 750m, around a prominent marker buoy or boat, and back to the beach.

40km: Run to the road 300m from Grand Hyatt Goa. Bike to Dona Paula Circle and back to the top of the slope – four loops, then back to Grand Hyatt Goa, totalling 40km. 

10km: From Grand Hyatt Goa past Goa University to the Odxel-Taleigao junction and back. Grand finish on the beach outside Grand Hyatt Goa.

All necessary arrangements for the safety and comfort of participants will be made. The Goa Yachting Association (GYA) will provide rescue boats, ‘Drishti’ will provide trained lifeguards and Jet Skis, and there will be close cover kayak support along the entire swimming course. They will all carry emergency flotation devices as well as water and oral rehydration fluid for the participants.

There will be rehydration / nutrition stations at regular intervals on the running / biking route. Vehicles with bike stands will pick up those unable to continue. Doctors will be in attendance at the beach and turnaround points, and a 108 Ambulance will be on call.

Photo credits: Hugh Gentry / Reuters; Simran Sial's blog; sportskeeda.com; runnersforlife.com; bsahercules.com